Into the Unknown!

We all need our observations identified or confirmed

All of us. So I try to spend some time on IDs. Hey - I'm asking y'all to spend time on mine.

When you explore - do you filter by Category?

I sure click on the bird, insect, etc. There are things I know more about. Or perhaps, things I know less about :)
Most people probably do.

Ever click that one with the question mark - the 'Unknown Species'?

So what happens to these entries, if we're all clicking on the bird/etc.? Not much most of the time, I suspect.

Making an Impact

I got thinking (dangerous!): How much am I contributing if I only identify the things that everyone knows about? Well, it needs to be done.
But - what if I can at least move some of the question marks into a category that people will actually look at? Or maybe - maybe - identify a thing or 2?


Those Unidentified?

  • Some are from budding young naturalists! Helping them with IDs might encourage their interest. I can hope.
  • Some seem to be from folks visiting nature centers, where they were probably invited to use inaturalist. A lot of them will never touch it again. But some could get hooked, especially if they get to learn more about what they saw.
  • There are a lot of plants and fungi in this category! Things that can fly or walk are clearly the more familiar life forms.

I labelled a lot of fungi 'Fungi". (They are a mystery to me.) But, yes, I pushed some IDs forward a little. Hey, I could even be a little wrong. But now they may catch someone's attention :)

Bee Skipper Bee

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