18/11/20 Fauna survey: Yellingbo

The morning's plan? An early morning walk searching for future platypus survey site/s along Woori Yallock Creek. No platypus or Rakali seen, but absolutely delighted by watching Spotted Pardalote hovering along the creek bank a few metres from us. We didn't know they hovered! We think they were just feeding on insects caught in web. On the way out we did a 2 hectare 20 minute true spring bird survey, recording just 14 species, quite possibly the consequence of a group of approx 15 Bell Miners (commonly called Bellbirds) being present. Their call is a great Australian bush sound, however they aggressively defend their territories against all intruders, including Helmeted Honeyeaters, so we're not so excited by hearing or seeing them in or close to Yellingbo NCR.

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