BCAL Migration to iNat Complete!!

Just a quick note to confirm that we have successfully completed our migration from NatureMapr to the new Budawang Coast Atlas of Life on iNaturalist. It has been quite a journey for all of us. We are keen to encourage our dedicated team of moderators to continue their wonderful contributions to identifying records and informing contributors about their sightings. This is the life blood of our project. We are now looking forward to ramping up our citizen science activities using iNaturalist and collaborating closely with our partner citizen science organisations in some exciting projects. Stay tuned for some news about upcoming activities, including: • an really interesting series of events around science week in conjunction with the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness, including information on nest boxes and bee hotels • upcoming workshops on bats and plant ID • A face to face moderator meet up and celebration • recording forest monitoring activities • bushfire recovery activities We always welcome suggestions (and assistance) to continue to promote local citizen science activities, so please contact us with your ideas. Now that all your records have moved to iNat, it is important for you to complete the following steps, if you haven’t already done so: • Check that your records have been successfully migrated over (if not, you may have to manually transfer any that have location issues) • Join our Budawang Coast iNat project Budawang Coast Atlas of Life · iNaturalist Australia (ala.org.au) • Request to delete your records from NatureMapr by sending an email to support@naturemapr.org (otherwise your records will be duplicated in ALA) • Register for our upcoming zoom meeting on 13th July at 10am
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