Galls on Willow Tree August 2021

8/28/2021 - University of Idaho Arboretum
On a Saturday evening before sunset, I went to the University of Idaho arboretum to look for insects, located just south of the campus. There were many wasps and flies darting around along with crane flies and lawn moths, but what caught my eye most were some small willows (Salix sp.) that looked like they had cancerous growths on their leaves. They appeared to be a gall in the Euura genus, though I do not know for sure, nor do I know how they were caused. I broke several open, and all I could see that could have been insects were tiny black specks. I noticed the older galls were darker and had some empty space inside, but the younger ones were greener and solid all the way through. Galls have always been mysterious to me, and now I would like to learn more about what they really are.

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Agosto 28, 2021 07:10 PM PDT


Unknown gall species (maybe Euura genus?) on willow (Salix sp.)


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