Sunfish Lake Park Mammal Survey

My name is Grace Lehinger-Winden, and I am a senior at the University of Minnesota studying Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology with an emphasis on Wildlife Biology. During the summer of 2021, I had the opportunity to intern with the Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center located in Sunfish Lake Park. From May-August 2021 I conducted a mammal species diversity survey within Sunfish Lake Park, during which I documented many individuals across 13 different species of mammal. I utilized set track plates and camera traps in order to identify present species. Some photos taken during this survey are available in this project, with many more (in addition to track prints) soon to be displayed within Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center and used in their educational curriculum.

If you would like to view photos from this survey, simply filter the observation results in the Sunfish Lake Park Project by my ID: igplehinger.

The report is available for viewing at:

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