Emma (observed flowering plants, prickly sow thistle)

The prickly sow thistle or the spiny sow thistle, is known as Sonchus asper and is descended from the subfamily Cichorioideae, which evolved from Eudicots, which come from Angiosperms (flowering plants). Angiosperms come from the larger family of plants, which are descended from eukaryotes, one of the domains of all life.

One unique adaptation of the prickly sow thistle and many other thistles is the prickles on the leaves. These prevent the plant from being eaten by herbivores (since they are painful to eat) and therefore increase survival.

An adaptation that all angiosperms have in common is seeds, which allow the plant to reproduce without creating competition with the parent plant. They are blown by wind, carried by water or animals and therefore naturally make their way away from the original plant, increasing the likelihood of survival for the entire species.


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