Lab 2 Bioblitz

My group observed non-flowering trees in Mount Royal Park.
One of my observations was of the Eastern white pine. A unique adaptation that the Eastern white pine has is a lateral root system with roots that also grow down (sinker roots) which increases the surface area over which the tree can soak up water.
One adaptation that all the trees I observed had in common was that all of them go dormant in the winter to conserve energy and nutrients. Even the eastern white pine which is a coniferous tree becomes partially dormant in the winter and undergoes seasonal changes to conserve energy.
The species which I found using oneZoom was the yellow birch whose scientific name is Betula alleghaniensis. This species falls under the kingdom-plantea, phylum-anthophyta, class-dicotyledoneae, order- fagales, family- betulaceae, and genus-betula. It's most commonly related species is the sweet birch.

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