Saffron Crep (Crepidotus crocophyllus)

The Crepidotus crocophyllus (AKA the saffron crep) gets the name "crocophyllus" from its saffron-coloured gills, which are quite prominent especially when the mushroom is young (Volk & Palmer, 2007). This fungus usually grows on old, rotten logs that dry out easily (Volk & Palmer, 2007). This means that despite their small, delicate mushrooms, they must have strong mycelia to be able to withstand these dry conditions. Humans don't have many uses for the Crepidotus crocophyllus - it isn't edible (although it isn't poisonous either) and has no other significant uses (Volk & Palmer, 2007). However, its bright colour does make it one of the prettier fungi to look at.

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