New: The Pot Fouling Project (and already a new snail!)

One day into the new project, already something interesting. A first on iNat for the SF Bay Area: Southern Flatcoil Snail. This snail was in a plant nursery in Cupertino, Santa Clara County, CA:

Please join The Pot Fouling Project if you are interested in land snails and slugs, mushrooms and other fungi, salamanders and newts, millipedes, centipedes, spiders, insects, terrestrial worms, etc. Anything that lives under a human-made garden container is fair game to add to this project. Urban or rural as long as it's under something, so check out nurseries, public gardens, etc. And perhaps it will help scientists track invasive species too, so yay for that.

Pots (and nurseries) remind me a little of the man-made marinas and harbors where I go dock-fouling; they might provide "safe harbor" for non-native species to establish themselves through inadvertent introduction. AKA Ground Zero.

Able to help on the snail?: Rookie question: Southern Flatcoils are widespread across the Southern US, including Southern California, but I have yet to find a record of them in the San Francisco Bay Area, which strikes me as weird. They do not appear in Roth & Sadeghian's checklist, but I can't imagine this is really the first record of them here. If you are a California land snail expert - and I'm looking very hopefully at you @jannvendetti @cedric_lee @pliffgrieff @thomaseverest @tlawson @susanhewitt @finatic @oksnaillaboratory - could you please weigh in on this if you have a chance?

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Found in plant nursery, many plants sourced from Southern California and possibly beyond.


I personally have not seen this species in Northern California however nothing surprises me when it comes to this specific species. It’s very prolific. You can’t turn over a rock in the Hawaiian islands without finding this very invasive species.

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@tlawson Dang, that's too bad. BTW I've saved the specimen (alive, for now at least) in case anyone is keen on writing a range extension paper; I'm not ;-).

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I'm not even sure there are published records of P. cereolus in California as it's been introduced pretty recently. ID looks correct, but I don't know the lookalikes well enough to be 100% sure. Either way nice find! And cool project!

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Phil and Lindsey Groves first documented the species in California in their 2012 article (linked below). Your observation could very well be a new county record @anudibranchmom.

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@cedric_lee Who would I send the snail to? Lindsey? @pliffgrieff do you have any interest (range extension)?

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Either Jann Vendetti or Barry Roth if they are interested.

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I'm sure @jannvendetti would be very interested in vouchering the specimen at the museum.

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Thanks Phil! I sent her a message.

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