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Hello community naturalists!

The Vermont Atlas of Life team is currently putting together a resource list of bioblitzes happening across the state of Vermont. We hope that this will increase participation and make it easier for community naturalists to find events and connect with one another. If you or your organization is facilitating a bioblitz this year, or holds one on an annual basis, please email Julia Pupko ( if you would like your event included in the list.

Provide the name and date(s) of the bioblitz, the location, and how to connect and participate – will your bioblitz be a group event on a specific day or individual participation over a period of time within a specific region? Additionally, please provide a few sentences about the purpose of the bioblitz. For example, “We will be documenting the bee fauna of Manchester, Vermont over the week of June 5 to June June 12, 2022.”

If you have any questions, email


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