I was out at the near by Andrena aggregation making Bee movies again. I was kind of looking at how long Momma spent down inside the nest between foraging expeditions. The one bee I got a time on was about 20 minutes. While she was down there a Greater Bee Fly stopped and laid an egg at the rim of the nest so I expect her brood will be wiped out by the bee fly larva.

I figured out that if I set my camera up where there was a higher concentration of visible holes I'd see more bees in less time so Friday I'll probably walk down to the river aggregation and make a few more movies. One of the problems I've been having with knowing who is who out at the flowers is the way the pollen gets together with the rather sparse hair on the back of their abdomen under their wings. Makes it harder to tell the difference between them and the honeybees when they are moving quickly. In the 2nd video a bee will come almost straight down in the middle of the scene, rest for a few moments and fly almost straight back up. With the way I see thees bees acting around me it is probably the same bee that goes into the hidden nest at the end of the clip but I can't say that for sure. I had missed seeing any of this action while filming. You only have to look away for a second to miss all the action. There is a little Jumping spider below and to the left of the first bee if you are interested in spiders at all. Going full screen with the video will make the bees easier to see.

Publicado por little_mousie little_mousie, 26 de mayo de 2022


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