The 2022 Project 'Species' Criteria

It is now 2022 and collection projects do exist but iNat does not include area definitions for oceans and seas nor is there a way to filter for marine taxa. For programmers this is likely not an issue as it is possible to write scripts to map the iNat taxonIDs to WoRMS AphiaIDs and come up with a list of marine species…this is getting a bit technical!

For the current year everyone is encouraged to get out and explore coastal areas, oceans and seas. If you don’t have an opportunity to visit these areas perhaps explore a local river or lake or use this opportunity to go through old photos and select images of plants and animals taken when on vacation at the beach.

A few taxonomic groups were chosen for this project – this does not mean to ignore the other taxa – they just won’t be included in the stats. The initial list of taxa include algae (red, brown, and green) and eelgrass (Zostera) as well as Molluscs, Echinoderms, and ray-finned fishes.

If your favourite taxonomic groups are missing and you really want to see them included in this project drop us a line.

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