Red Bee or Wasp

Many of the Andrena nests are closing out down here and I'm wondering about predation and loss as I look in on empty holes. I've seen Andrena in the jaws of spiders and am guessing there are other bad things that can happen. Today I only saw one bee face looking up at me from the nest holes and saw a 2nd bee fly from its hole.

I set my camera up on a hole that looked larger than most hoping for a Pacific Digger Bee in a less densely populated area where I find Andrena nests. What I saw was a very small red Bee or Wasp enter the hole and then leave rather suddenly. The clip is about 7 seconds long and I made screen captures to post here.

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Junio 2022


A small red Bee or Wasp investigating a probable Andrena hole


Good footage! That is a Nomada cuckoo bee.

Publicado por beespeaker hace más de 1 año

It's a Nomada sp. Bee. Great footage as they are super tiny and so quick.

Publicado por la4bonte hace más de 1 año

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