Take a trip down memory lane during Oceans Week

Do you have photos of marine species observed in the past? Perhaps associated with past travels or perhaps associated with old research projects. Don’t let these images get lost or gather dust. Upload to iNat as an Oceans Week activity – or at least start the process!

In 2020 a Canadian group composed a blog article titled ‘5 Ways to be an Armchair Naturalist’. Here is an extract describing one of these activities:

Take a trip down memory lane
You likely have an abundance of nature photos languishing on your hard drive, unseen by anyone but you. Reminisce about past trips while adding those photos to iNaturalist! There is no age cut-off for observations, and historic data provide valuable context. This nature enthusiast has even scanned decades worth of photographic slides.

"This nature enthusiast", Greg Lasley, passed away on January 30th, 2021. An iNaturalist blog in Greg's memory is posted here. His addition of over 8,000 observations from 50 years prior to him joining iNaturalist continue to provide valuable context.

Click here to view observations uploaded to the more species inclusive Worldwide Marine Life project during Oceans Week but observed sometime in the past.

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