Turning a hole into a home.

Both of these videos are best at X2 speed. The Speed control is under the gear tool.

I sat and recorded an hour of new nest building behavior today. I think the bee is one of the recent Andrena that just started flying and foraging but I don't know for sure. Could be a Furrow Bees Genus Halictus, I'm the first to say I don't really know the bees. The bee never came out of the hole far enough to see. I started recording this nest 2 days ago in this video;


The nest entrance has now turned 90 Deg from vertical and opens to the east at the top of an east facing slope. Near the end of the video I place a penny next to the entrance to make it easier to find tomorrow or when ever the weather improves enough to go look again. I feel like seeing who comes out of the hole is the best way to know who lives in it.


The last picture in the set of screen caps associated with this entry is a look up hill at the nest site I'm recording in.

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Abejas (Epifamilia Anthophila)




Junio 2022


Bee building nest. The last photo is the nest site


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