Glacier National Park Jul 18 - Aug 2 2022

@scottsimmons and I hit up GNP for a two week tour of scenes, leps, and birds. Our trip divided into four backcountry itineraries

(1) Lee River Trail to Gable Pass to Slide campsite (SLI). From SLI to Cosley Lake (COS). From COS to Elizabeth Lake Head (ELH). Then out through Belly River.

(2) Cutbank Trail to Atlantic Creek (ATL). From ATL to the Triple Divide Trail and on to Red Eagle Lake (REH). Back out through ATL. We added an attempted day hike up Mad Wolf Mtn and a day hike to Otokomi Lake

(3) Lincoln Lake Trail to Lincoln Lake (LIN). From LIN back out to the Snyder Creek Trail, and over to Snyder Lake (SNY). Back out to the trailhead at Lake McDonald Lodge.

(4) Day hike in Big Prairie and part of the Akokomi Lake Trail. Then Kintla Lake Trail to Kintla Lake (KIN). From KIN to Upper Kintla (UPK). Day hike up to Boulder Pass and back, then back out via KIN.

Our planning process was thrown in disarray by bear activity and flooding, so that none of the four itineraries above were what we had asked for. However, the rangers were fantastic about helping us find itineraries that worked. "There's no bad hike in Glacier!"

Shout outs to the Chewing Blackbones campground near Babb and Sundance campground near Coram, which provided basic facilities at a good price, perfect for regrouping and resupplying.

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