October 30th - Psychodidae

We're happy to announce another online meeting! Here are the details:

This week we'll be taking a short break from the Condylostylus and looking at the subfamilies and common species of the family Psychodidae in the US and Canada. @edanko will be joining us, and we have him to thank for finishing up a new guide for these species!

Just as a reminder: our meetings are entirely informal, and everyone is invited to speak their minds and ask questions to the group. Participation is key to learning!

Please leave a comment either to let us know if you're planning to come or to subscribe to be notified of future events! Questions are also welcome.

The Zoom meeting will open at 8 PM EDT on Sunday the 30th.

Join the Zoom Meeting here: Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 874 5687 3015

Passcode: diptera

Our resource for this meeting: Guide to subfamilies and common species of Psychodidae of the US & Canada

Identify Link for this meeting: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?order_by=random&taxon_id=258813

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Addendum: Our main focus will be Clogmia albipunctata, but we will look at the other genera just to have a basic level of familiarity

Publicado por zdanko hace más de 1 año

Sounds like fun! I'm not sure I can make it, but I'll try.

Publicado por lynnharper hace más de 1 año

I just looked up this family. They're so cute!

Publicado por xris hace más de 1 año

I am available this Sunday. See you then.

Publicado por judya hace más de 1 año

I can make this one

Publicado por pbedell hace más de 1 año

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