Are you an iNat Maverick? Time to Marie Condo your IDs.

End-of-Year Cleanup Time. 'Tis the annual season to find out how badly you have been misidentifying things. I just Marie Condo'd my identifications, and despite the repeated eyerolling at my own goofs ("How did I identify it as THAT?"), I feel much better that at least they're now corrected.

Want to do your own ID cleanse? Paste in the following, then cut and substitute anudibranchmom for your own user name:

Now won't you feel better?


Publicado el 11 de noviembre de 2022 por anudibranchmom anudibranchmom


Thank you for this. I have wondered if there's a way to do this...

Publicado por lorri-gong hace 7 meses (Marca)

@lorri-gong I wondered too!

Publicado por anudibranchmom hace 7 meses (Marca)

I'm gonna be here allllll night. LOL

Publicado por lorri-gong hace 7 meses (Marca)

Do you know a good way to find the curator for a region and species? I was recently tried to see who could obscure coordinates for Lewis' moon snail to prevent poaching. (Though it was argued that there probably isn't a big moon snail poaching problem.)

Publicado por lorri-gong hace 7 meses (Marca)

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