Insects on and near South Padre Island, Texas

I made observations of a few insects on SPI and nearby in January 2023 while I was there for a week. It was relatively cold and windy, so sadly there were very few butterflies out. However, here is a list of what insects I did see:


Pyramid ants

Spotless Ladybeetle

Ochrimnus carnosulus, a Seed Bug

Genus Cochliomyia

Pentacora sphacelata, a Shore Bug

Marmara opuntiella, leafminer on prickly pear.

Red Harvester Ant

Toxomerus marginatus

Queen butterfly

Fiery Skipper

Sarcophaga sp.

Lepidoptera (moth)

Ochrimnus lineoloides, a Seed Bug

American Cockroach, in the condo

Red Imported Fire Ant

Southwestern Dusky Grasshopper

Little Yellow

Umbrella Paper Wasp

Anastrepha sp.


American Dog Tick

Lema pubipes new to the iNat database and new to BugGuide too.

Winged and once-winged insects -- a leafminer

Leafminer on Physalis


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