Ahm...ahmmmm...have you checked your maverick IDs lately? 😊


Publicado el 24 de febrero de 2023 11:50 por pfau_tarleton pfau_tarleton


I just went though most of my maverick's and made decisions on whether to:
(a) agree with the community ID, or
(b) withdraw my original ID without agreeing, or
(c) keep my disagreeing ID.
It's important to note that "maverick" doesn't necessarily mean incorrect! Sometimes, the rest of the world is wrong.

Publicado por gcwarbler hace 9 meses

Thanks for the link and reminder!

Publicado por kaphn8d hace 9 meses

It's always fun (for me) to check my maverick IDs. Usually I'm wrong. But one ID remains on my maverick list because I'm right!

Publicado por pfau_tarleton hace 9 meses

Thank you, I have now!

Publicado por postoak hace 9 meses

I am typically a conservative identifier, so I am typically correct on these, usually as a result of going through and cleaning up IDs on a species or genus. However, I did find one that I had ID'ed to genus and a subsequent taxon swap had moved the species out of that genus. My ID for the old genus remained while everyone else's species level ID got swapped, thus leaving me as a maverick.

Publicado por rymcdaniel hace 9 meses

I keep a link to my maverick IDs (using the search string you highlight) in my profile, which I check every now and then. My process is similar to that of @gcwarbler.

Publicado por cholmesphoto hace 9 meses

"The rest of the world is wrong!" ~ @gcwarbler
Funny -- I was hearing that a lot from the insane asylum that I was visiting.

Why was I visiting this insane asylum?!? Hmmm... I can't come up with an excuse quick enough. ;)

Publicado por sambiology hace 9 meses

Reviewing old observations on which your ID is at odds with the rest of the world is a new Hollywood blockbuster: Top Fun - Mavericks.

Publicado por gcwarbler hace 9 meses

Thanks, all done

Publicado por clairesorenson hace 9 meses

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