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29 de septiembre de 2016

Bat Week 2016 Is Oct. 24 - 31, 2016

This week is set aside to celebrate bats and their utterly unique roles in ecosystems worldwide. Additionally, Bat Week is a perfect opportunity to take some steps to help protect bats and their habitat. After all, climate change, habitat loss, wind turbines, and the disease called white-nose syndrome all seriously threaten bats and their survival.

This iNaturalist project aims to protect bat habitat so they have safe and healthy places to live, migrate, hibernate, and raise pups. Invasive plant species damage the ecosystems where bats live, displacing the native plants and insects bats need to survive.

We've made a guide of invasive plant species that scientists predict will enter different regions, disrupting the natural balance of an area. The best way to manage these harmful plants is to catch them early...that's where you come in! Use the iNaturalist app to take photos of these invasive species if you see them, and the Early Detection Rapid Response teams can use those observations to go to that location and stop their spread.

The guide also has information about native trees in your area where bats may roost, as well as common bat species. You probably won't see the bats, though, since they're nocturnal and tend to avoid people.

Thanks for spending some time to save the bats!

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