Assignments for this week!

Happy Monday, folks! Now that you all have gotten the swing of things, we want to increase the challenge just a little bit.

This week, we will have two prompts and a requirement that you confirm the identification of another student's observation. It is important to look at the observations your classmates are making! iNaturalist is intended to be a collaborative platform.

So, here are your three assignments:

  1. Make an observation of an aquatic macrophyte
  2. Make an observation of an invasive plant species (you may have to make several observations, or do some identification in the moment, to determine whether what you've found is invasive or not!)
  3. Confirm the identification of an observation made by one of your classmates. Look through the observations in our project and see if there are any that you know and can help with! We require that you confirm at least one.

Email Haley Briel or Jeremiah Yahn if you have any questions!

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