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20 de noviembre de 2016

Grab a free Black Friday pass (before they're gone) to one of 116 California parks.

The best Black Friday deal around might well be far outside the mall. You can snag a free pass to one of 116 California state parks if you want to hike rather than shop on Nov. 25.

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29 de noviembre de 2016


Some of you may know that I sit on the Board-of-Directors (a non-paying position) for the Earth Discovery Institute. We are one of the smaller non-profits in San Diego but we do amazing work getting public k - 12 inner-city school children into the outdoors and feature education through environmental hands-on stewardship (see below). We are currently trying to fund our next fiscal year so if you feel like donating to a worthy cause today and you're glad Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. . today, 'Giving Tuesday' . . . is that day! Think globally, act locally! We are also involved in environmental rehabilitation (like planting cacti for endangered cactus wrens), river clean-ups, and removing graffiti from national ecological reserves (people actually spray-paint on boulders!) to name a few. If you don't donate to our cause today, I urge you to donate to a similar local cause today; small local organizations like ours will be vital in maintaining habitat through this next presidency . . . but I hope you give to us! We're worth it! #GivingTuesday

California science curriculum shifts to hands-on learning.

Los Angeles Times | on November 5, 2016

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30 de noviembre de 2016

Can these tree ‘shots’ save urban park trees from deadly beetles and disease?

Dawn Fluharty, pest control adviser for Arborjet, demonstrates how using a tool called “Quikjet Air Unit” to inject pesticides into a tree trunk to treat a beetle called “Polyphagous shot hole borer” (PSHB) that is currently threatening California’s trees, at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel in Pomona, CA., Tuesday, November 29, 2016. The Pomona Fairplex is one of three protection trial sites initiated by Arborjet, were trees are treated with three systematic trunk injection treatments, including TREE-age insecticide, and Propizol.

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