Highlight local municipality species

During a bioblitz 'competition' the objective is to post as many observations as possible - of different species from different locations observed at different times and dates by different people.

It is possible to upload observations of species such as squirrels in your backyard once a day for every day of the two week blitz but this might get a bit boring not just for you but for the person helping review/identify observations. I would recommend sharing observations where the squirrel is behaving differently or in different locations in your yard - on a tree, on your deck, on your roof, taunting your cat, eating cones, etc.

When sharing observations of mallards and other birds upload separate observations for the different genders - the male bird would be one observation and the female another. Upload a third observation for juveniles. Can you tell male/female/juvenile robins apart?

Perhaps find a group of seagulls and upload one example of all the various life/molt stages. Don't go too crazy tho as not every gull in Southwest Nova needs is own individual iNat post! Consider including a note to indicate counts - example there were 25 herring gulls at the location versus 2 great black-backed gulls.

What would make the blitz more interesting is to think about your area and try to post observations of species that you believe represent the municipality. Perhaps share observations of various species of Christmas trees - Combine in one observation closeups of needles, of the bark, as well as a shot showing the entire tree from further away. Take a photo of a lobster - take a couple of photos and include one that shows if the lobster is male or female. What about photos of clams or seaweed or whales or apples? Don't forget bear scat and deer tracks.

What ecosystems are in your area? What are the dominant species?

Consider including a ruler or a coin or your hand to provide size/length info. This is one opportunity where you could include a photo of your dog - have then stand/sit next to a tree for scale! Don't use people for scale.

Use your imagination. In addition to posting observations of common species try to make the content being shared from your municipality 'interesting'. Challenge other areas to follow your lead. If you see that another participant has posted a species then try and find this in your area as well and then in addition post another new species and watch if others then go off in search of 'your' species.

Have fun - stay safe.

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