Atención: Algunas o todas las identificaciones afectadas por esta división puede haber sido reemplazada por identificaciones de Formica. Esto ocurre cuando no podemos asignar automáticamente una identificación a uno de los taxa de salida. Revisar identificaciones de Formica rufa 1254127

Taxonomic Split 102622 (Guardado el 08/12/2021)

Species formerly part of the Formica rufa group located in the New World have now been split into their own species groups: Formica integra group and Formica dakotensis group. Further info about the Old World Formica rufa group, which have remained in their group, can be found here: Seifert, B. 2021. A taxonomic revision of the Palaearctic members of the Formica rufa group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) – the famous mound-building red wood ants. Myrmecological News 31:133-179. 10.25849/myrmecol.news_031:133

Note: F. uralensis has also been placed into a complex by itself, but is not being included in the split to avoid pulling many Eurasian observations to genus level.

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This change ought also to establish the Formica microgyna group or complex as an entity among the North American phylogenetic sister group of the now more restricted Formica rufa group or complex.

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The Formica microgyna group already exists on iNat, under the name Complex Formica difficilis. It wasn't included in the split because the difficilis group is already it's own separate taxon, and it wouldn't need its records updated because of this change.

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