Taxonomic Swap 132021 (Guardado el 10/10/2023)

POWO (Referencia)
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OK but if we follow then we'll have a lot of species to be swapped !

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@blue_celery @abounabat @choess
Hi, after having swaped Cirsium sect. epytrachis to Lophiolepsis , i m considering more and more it was a wrong decision because it has create an useless confusion and a huge work is required to restaure all taxas, ID.
So my question is simple, should I swap Lophiolepsis to Cirsium sect. epytrachis and add deviation ?

Publicado por kelian_gtr hace 8 meses

I'm afraid I don't know very much about thistles. I would look to see who are top observers/identifiers in that section, and also see if there is any relevant literature and if the authors have iNaturalist accounts, and tag those people in.

I don't always agree with POWO's lumping and splitting decisions, so I think sometimes making deviations as you've suggested is fine, but I don't know enough about this clade to judge what the right treatment is.

Publicado por choess hace 8 meses

no specific opinion. I'd need to check the phylogeny in order to having one...

Publicado por abounabat hace 8 meses
Publicado por kelian_gtr hace 8 meses

yes but to be a monophyletic group do not necessarily exclude the whole genus also is a good monophyletic group...

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