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Not sure why we have this lone bird tribe.

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The question could also be asked, why not? At a distance, someone may not be able to ID the species, but could separate dabbling ducks from diving ducks by behavior. So, why not add Aythyini rather than remove Anatini? I'm not bothered either way, just curious.

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internodes are fine if curators want to take them on, but all would-be-children should be moved from the sibling position - also while there are lots of bird subfamilies in iNat there are no tribes, so I'd think if someone wanted to 'further resolve' ducks they'd start by adding subfamilies rather than jumping to just one tribe. Also whats the source for this? How many tribes are there and which genera fall within them, that kind of accounting is necessary to maintain these taxonomies. Clements (iNat's source for birds) doesn't include tribes, so that info would have to be referenced elsewhere or documented internally

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