Taxonomic Swap 81063 (Guardado el 12/08/2022)

Draft change for when MDD releases the next update merging capensis into delphis.

ASM Mammal Diversity Database (MDD) (Referencia)
Añadido por jwidness el 14 de agosto de 2020 | Comprometido por loarie el 12 de agosto de 2022
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Hi, @jwidness. Is this something you're interested in committing soon or would you rather wait for the MDD to update their taxonomy?

Publicado por bobby23 hace más de 2 años (Marca)

I'm fine either way, but I don't think it'll be much longer.

Publicado por jwidness hace más de 2 años (Marca)

I see some flags on D. capensis, i think now is the right time to commit this change.

Publicado por zebs hace alrededor de 1 año (Marca)

Hi folks, when lumping one taxon into another a merge (e.g. D. capensis & D. delphis [sensu stricto] -> D. delphis [sensu lato]) isn't necessary, just a swap (D. capensis -> D. delphis) is sufficient. I restructured this change as such as swap and (after dealing with D. capensis tropicalis and D. capensis capensis & I committed it. I then replaced the range of D. delphis with a sensu lato range (from MDD), updated the name to "Common Dolphin", and removed the resolved deviation

Glad to have this sorted and thanks for the help!

Publicado por loarie hace 7 meses (Marca)

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