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It should be Limenitis. If anyone objects, please write here.

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Publicado por kharkovbut hace 11 meses (Marca)

I'm not a curator, nor in the field of taxonomy, but I would assume there would be some analysis of the DNA written in a recent scientific paper to support the taxon change?

Publicado por robotpie hace 11 meses (Marca)

@robotpie I am not aware of a molecular analysis in this case, but it is listed under Limenitis in the latest revision of Limenitidinae of Palaearctic region: Gallo & Della Bruna, Guide to the Butterflies of the Palearctic Region: Nymphalidae 6: Subfamily Limenitidinae, 2013. This also correspond to my understanding. :)

Sometimes this species is included in a separate genus Parathyma, which also might be reasonable. The authors of the above mentioned revision treat Parathyma as a synonym of Limenitis. In any case, Parathyma is much closer to Limenitis s. str. than to Athyma. It seems to me that Athyma is least appropriate. All three names existed here, but were merged by @loarie under Athyma, which, in my view, was a wrong choice.

Publicado por kharkovbut hace 11 meses (Marca)

PS: There is also a molecular evidence: see the recent paper

Publicado por kharkovbut hace 11 meses (Marca)

I see, though I'm not going to have a big say in this decision, since I have no professional opinion on this matter. I just happen to be able to recognise the species with relative confidence.

Publicado por robotpie hace 11 meses (Marca)

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