Taxonomic Swap 138506 (Guardado el 27/01/2024)

The Marronoid Clade includes the families that were in the superfamily Dictynoidea (which is no longer valid) and the families Amaurobiidae, Agelenidae, Cicurinidae, Cycloctenidae, Desidae, Macrobunidae and Stiphidiidae. It is very useful since some of these families are very similar and are often confused.
Gorneau, J. A., Crews, S. C., Cala-Riquelme, F., Montana, K. O., Spagna, J. C., Ballarin, F., Almeida-Silva, L. M. & Esposito, L. A. (2023). Webs of intrigue: museum genomics elucidate relationships of the marronoid spider clade (Araneae). Insect Systematics and Diversity 7(5, 5): 1-18.

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