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Can an update be given on the basis or status for this change?

Publicado por bdagley hace más de 2 años

Not really. There is no justification for recognizing it at species rank where the combination was made: The trend in some infraspecific taxa of Amanita muscaria seems to be ultimate recognition at species level, but not for all, so it is tricky (, This one doesn't seem to have any phylogenetic work done.

Publicado por jameskm hace más de 2 años

I couldn't find full text to the first source you cite. Do you mean the authors didn't provide enough explanation, or you don't agree with what they wrote?

I'm also referring to "ultimate recognition at species level"/species complex for A. muscaria variety overall, as Wikipedia overviews sources for. Do the 2008 or 2015 sources mention or imply things about this specific variant, such that species status could be inferred likely? There seems less literature on this variety overall.

Publicado por bdagley hace más de 2 años

The entirety of the text is the PDF at the first link above; there is nothing more.

What I meant was that varieties like persicina and regalis have been recognized now as separate species. Guessowii might also be at some point, but I don't know that anything is happening there.

Publicado por jameskm hace más de 2 años

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