Clifton Ladd, C.W.B.

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Working as a wildlife biologist gives me opportunities to study species all around Texas, my home state. Learning about different species and ecosystems has always been a passion, whether for my consulting work or traveling for other reasons. I usually travel with a stack of field guides wherever I go, and now iNaturalist is one of my main tools for learning.

Most of my professional work focuses on endangered species, including Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) and the U.S. Endangered Species Act. I served as the project manager and lead biologist for the consulting teams that wrote several Texas regional HCPs (working with some outstanding biologists!), including the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan (BCCP), Bastrop County Lost Pines HCP, Hays County HCP, and the Southern Edwards Plateau HCP. I currently help the Edwards Aquifer HCP with their annual reporting and related work. I have helped two other HCPs in a volunteer role, including the Edwards Aquifer Authority HCP Biological Advisory Team and the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District HCP Management Advisory Committee. I have had the honor of working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service on two Recovery Teams: the Golden-cheeked Warbler Recovery Team and the Barton Springs Salamander Recovery Team. I love my work, and consider myself very fortunate to have been able to contribute to these regional conservation efforts.

I've been serving on the board of Travis Audubon Society since 2009. I'm curator for the Austin Bird-Building Collisions project, an effort by Travis Audubon Society to collect more information about this important issue.

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