15 de abril de 2024

Mauritius and Pamplemousses garden

Back to our November journey and a chance for me to SEE, with my own two eyes, some of the plants I know only from IDing iNat obs.

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05 de abril de 2024

CV update in April 2024

Four more from my obs

Lessertia capensis with its vivid colour

Aristea glauca has papery bracts

Garden volunteer

And a moss thanks to @georgeg
waiting very patiently for a second taxon specialist ...

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24 de marzo de 2024

January wildflower hikes

Hiking among wildflowers
in the mountains
around Cape Town

This January was a month of fires, smoke, and burn scars. Gave me 800 Cape Peninsula sp.


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21 de marzo de 2024

Cape Peninsula Lifelist

Lifelist is buggy?

821 species today.

The formal list is

iNat's places shows me at 778 species

Disa ferruginea doesn't show up on my 'lifelist' but it is on the other 2.
778 versus 821 species - will have to stumble after both numbers.


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22 de febrero de 2024

October and December 2023 wildflower hikes

Catching up.

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31 de enero de 2024

800 Cape Peninsula species today

Added a robber fly. Synolcus?

Only 4 900 to go - but the top 3 include penguins ... that's easy, Boulders beach is down the road.

(750 on 24 Sept 2023) For this plant person my last 3 are associated animals.

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21 de enero de 2024

September wildflower hikes from 2023

Playing catchup.


I wonder about the geology of that ridge of boulders @raylantalbot ?
I only realised today I can use my iNat calendar in map mode to see exactly where we walked. The rocks ridge out to sea, but the landward side is a barrier of loose boulders. Don't see that anywhere else that we walk.

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24 de diciembre de 2023

Mountain fires and Great Southern Bioblitz

We have spent the last few days between 2 mountain fires. Spotter plane and helicopters in an aerial ballet with their water bombs.

Looking back at beach blobs for my contribution to GSB instead of smoke and ash.

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02 de diciembre de 2023

1 700 notifications and counting

Plus the @mentions, and what trickled in during the last week.
I have caught up.

Now I can concentrate on IDing for GSB.

Then, when that dust has settled, I will upload my own pictures.

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26 de noviembre de 2023

Cape Peninsula 771 species

Yesterday's beach walk for GSB 23 has gained me a few more species for littoral. And a helpful comment for plough shell species

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