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06 de diciembre de 2020

New Project

I would like to announce that I have recently started my first project. Its focus is on the fish species that caught be caught in the video game fishing sim world. Anyone can join and share their observations. I'm kind of debating wither or not I should leave observations member only or just change it back to all observations.

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24 de diciembre de 2020

Winter pond record 1

This is just extra notes on what species/hybrids I caught today and how many.

The bait I used was worms, pink fake maggots, and glittery green crappie power bait. I'm pretty sure I caught most of the fish off worm. The fish also seemed less aggressive due the colder water, but still much more aggressive than other fish form other bodies of water.

I caught 6 greengill. Most of them seemed "healthy" though one did have parasites of it.
I caught 3 green sunfish. A lot of them were small and seemed stunted, as usual for this pond.
I caught 1 bluegill. It seemed malnourished, likely due to it being out competed by the greengill and green sunfish for food.

Note: I did not take a picture of every individual fish I caught. I just took pictures of the ones that were the first catches of that species for the day or I just found interesting . I also didn't take a picture of the greengill with parasites because I did not want to hold it for too long.

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