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07 de enero de 2021

Winter pond record 2

These are just extra notes on what species/hybrids I caught today and how many.

The bait I used was worms, pink fake maggots, and glittery green crappie power bait. Like before I caught most of fish off of worm. Though some, mostly the green sunfish, were caught on green power bait. I didn't catch anything off the pink maggots. The fish seem even less aggressive than before. I had to reduce my hook size twice before I found the right size to actually hook the fish. I did catch one fish, a greengill, before I changed hook sizes .

I caught 2 or 3 greengill. I think I caught a really nice one, for this pond, and it jumped off my hook, onto the ground, and back into the water before I take a photo. It would have been my third greengill if I could confirm it with a photo. I'm pretty sure it was a greengill because it had the blue patterning that most of the other greengill seem to have.
I caught 2 green sunfish. They were both small individuals.
I caught 2 bluegill. I'm not counting my snagged one because I didn't hook it in the mouth. I also don't normally catch more than 1 bluegill from this pond. Seeing more than one tells me that there is a small population of bluegill and not just one individual, as I previously thought. It makes more sense that there is more than one because of the large number of greengill in this pond.

Note: I did not take a picture of every individual fish I caught. I took pictures of most of the fish, except the one that flopped back into the water before I had a chance a photo.

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23 de enero de 2021

Winter pond record 3

These are just extra notes on what species/hybrids I caught today and how many.

The bait I used was worms and glittery green crappie power bait. Like the other times before most of the fish I caught by using small earthworms, with only two of the fish being caught off of the powerbait. The fish were surprisingly aggressive this time, probably because I started off in the part of pond where they seem most common. I caught quite a few greengill and bluegill in the first spot. I eventually moved towards a spot where that was sort of in the middle between my previous spot and the spot I usually fish. I caught some more greengill as well as green sunfish in and near this spot. I did cast near my usual spot and thats where I caught my first green sunfish of the day. When I cast out into the middle from this spot I caught the biggest greengill of the day. I moved to my usual spot and only caught one greengill.

I caught 10 greengill. I caught a lot of greengill today including the chunky 6 inch one I mentioned earlier.
I caught 3 bluegill. One of the bluegill had a bunch of parasites on it and another had a damaged caudal fin.
I caught 2 green sunfish. One thing to note is the second green sunfish I caught was caught from out near the middle of pond instead of the structure I usually catch them near.

Note: Unlike before I actually took pictures of each individual fish mostly because I decided to take measurements this time around.

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