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30 de abril de 2021

Day 1 CNC 2021 Greater Richmond Region

As I was heading out to Pocahontas State Park this morning, I saw a Bald Eagle on Ramblewood Drive snatch a squirrel out of a tree - it was one of the most fascinating, but brutal things I've ever seen. Then on the way back home a couple of hours later, on the same stretch of road, I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle try to snatch something out of a tree just like I saw the adult do earlier - they were unsuccessful at the attempt, but obviously trying to do what mom or dad did earlier. Wow.

I met @pbedell for a nature walk - he specializes in insects and could spot them so quickly and easily. He helped me appreciate how many critters I overlook because I'm just not looking for them, and that I am very much plant-biased lol. It was a windy, but otherwise enjoyable morning.

Some highlights for me include a huge skink (not sure yet what the species is), dog vomit slime mold (yup, looked like it too), a cute little orb-weaver hiding in a Jack-in-the-Pulpit flower, and an American Lady butterfly.

The CNC 2021 runs for 4 days (April 30-May 3) - I hope you get a chance to get outside and contribute to our project!

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