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My name is Rejoice Gassah and I belong to the Khasi community. My home is in Dosdewa, Karimganj District of Assam, India.
Learned photography and Videography from The Greenhub, Tezpur, Assam, India.

Growing up in my village, surrounded by forests, I had the opportunity to see, hear and learn about the different wildlife living there. I have a keen interest in observing and learning about all types of wildlife. I can identify many species of birds, mammals, spiders, etc. – by how they look and the sounds they make. I am sad to see many large trees being cut in the forests and birds/animals hunted and trapped and hope in the coming days I will be able to stop that with everyone's support.

I am working in the Department of Biodiversity Documentation at Makunda Christian Leprosy and General Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Vijay Anand Ismavel. The department also runs the “Makunda Nature Club” which has student (school) and staff members. We are documenting different species of birds, mammals, insects, spiders, butterflies, etc. Many uncommon birds live in and around our campus, and I have learnt to identify them by sight and sound.

As a wildlife photographer I have learned to appreciate the species that exist in the forests. I am also interested in conserving them.

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