Ron Vanderhoff

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Botanical focus, especially of the native and naturalized flora in and around Orange County, CA. I am involved in rare plant mapping, range extensions, phenology, invasive plant detection and response, plant conservation, herbarium collecting, outreach and education.
I am currently V.P. of The California Native Plant Society in Orange County (field trip, plant science, invasive plant and rare plant chair/co-chair).
General Manager and V.P. of Roger's Gardens, a large garden and outdoor living retailer in Newport Beach.

My interest in plants has been lifelong and grew from a long and deep interest and curiosity about the natural world as a whole. Along the way, I have had diversions into other facets of our local natural history, especially birds and insects, but plants have been a constant area of strong interest since my earliest memories.

My interest in plants is universal, including cultivated plants and wildland plants. I see these two groups as complimentary, not separate, and inclusive rather than competitive. Gardens have the potential to teach valuable lessons about nature, natural systems, ecological functions, pollination, habitat and more. Nature shows up in gardens, especially those with a sense of place that are well crafted and intelligently planned. In an increasingly urban world it is often a garden that becomes someone’s “window” into nature. Gardens and garden plants are how I got started and probably many of you.

I believe the future of both cultivated gardens and wildlands is a large intersection between the two, not a separation. The future of our gardens is to not only to be attractive and decorative, but to support ecological functions, increase biodiversity, extend habitat and help restore the planet. Meanwhile, those who love wildlands will invest in our urban lands, teaching about locally native plants, intelligent fuel management practices, invasive plant awareness and ecological education.

The distinction between “gardens” and “wildlands” must blur. This is our frontier and our salvation - it is a plant world.

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