Kristie Nelson

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I am fortunate to work at Montauk State Park in Missouri as their senior Naturalist and Interpreter. My lead interests involve birds and insects (especially butterflies, tiger beetles and Buprestids).
I fell in love with birds as a little kid and birds, birding and ornithology have been a major part of my life and passions ever since. I served on the California Bird Records Committee for 15 years and I also served on the American Birding Association Checklist Committee.
For over 20 years I lived near Mono Lake, CA where the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada come together. It was a great place to be a naturalist with remarkable elevational and bio-diversity. At Mono Lake I worked with Point Blue Conservation Science managing California Gull research for over 15 years. I also developed keen interests in butterflies, tiger beetles, and other insects.
In late 2020 I moved to southcentral Missouri and have been enjoying the natural and human communities of the Ozarks.
My iNat account is heavy on the bugs, as I feel they need the most help in having baseline distribution data documented. I really appreciate the help of the iNat community in identifying the trickier and obscure insects.

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