Nadia Tildesley

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I enjoy wondering native forests and photographing wild native fungi, orchids, insects, in Tasmania as a citizen scientist and general hobbyist for many years.
I also photograph aurora australis and Noctiluca scintillans when active and other sky phenomena.
Am a contribution member of several related Facebook groups - fungi, orchids, insects, moss / bryophytes, aurora australis etc...
During my wanderings I have discovered at least two previously unrecorded fungi species for Tasmania
Became aware of Atlas of Living Australia and have been contributing to ALA since 2015
Recently connecting ALA account with iNaturalistAU
Since dislocating my ankle in 2016 I have had to adapt the way I can hobble about in the bush for my brain health & well being with tripod in a back pack and arm crutches. So if you see an older lady in the areas surrounding Bicheno rugged up, on crutches or hunched down over her tripod then it's bound to be me :)

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