Display observations of taxa for which I added an identification

It would be very, very useful if the search features that are available for "my Observations" were available for "my Identifications". For example, if I spent a lot of time trying to ID a particular specimen that someone else observed and then I later saw the same species needing an ID but forgot the name (but remembered that I identified one like it in the past), I could search for a higher taxonomic grouping in "my IDs" and scroll through them quickly to find it. This happens to me a lot, but I have to go through the time-consuming identification process all over again. (request made here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/inaturalist/sw6w5ESnIf8)

A work-around was posted here:

For example:

To expand on it's use, if I only wanted to see Heteroptera that I identified, just type in Heteroptera in the species box.

Here's another approach, which I'm still exploring:
There are some parameters to choose from. For example, if I want to see my identifications where I'm a maverick:

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