Bioblitz in the heart of TX, 17-20 May 2019

Here are observations from this weekend:
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Everyone is invited to Timberlake Field Station, Mills County, TX. Tarleton State University’s Timberlake Biological Field Station is an educational and research facility located on the Colorado River in the heart of Texas--midway between Austin and Abilene. The 790 acre property has approximately 2.88 miles of river frontage.

Details of the location and bioblitz can be found here:

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Sign me up!

Publicado por bosqueaaron hace más de 5 años

@madisong NEEDS to come!

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It’s on my calender now!! :)

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On my calendar! Hope everything works out and I can make it.

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Count me in!!! The lack of spider observations hurt me... we must remedy that!

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7 days till the Timberlake Field Station bioblitz! Spring events that I plan usually get rained out, so we'll see how this one goes. Long-term weather forecasts (aka, guesses) show a mixed bag. Unless things get severe, the show will go on. Stay tuned in here as the date approaches.

A couple of updates. There are refrigerators/freezers on site. I hope the showers will be hot (depends on our amateur plumbing skills next week when we install the tankless water heater).

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Looking at the forecast--50% chance of thunderstorms Sat (or Sat and Sun, depending on which forecast you look at). We're guessing that the bunkhouse can hold 14 people in sleeping bags on the floor if the weather gets rough. I don't think a tent will fit under the pavilion.

If you're planning on attending, please fill out this quick survey so I know what to expect. Thanks!

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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend, but I am thoroughly enjoying all the observations being reported. For those who attended, you might consider posting your observations to the Edwards Plateau Naturalist project, too. This has to be done manually.

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