September 3rd Bioblitz of EBMUD watershed and endangered canal ecosystem

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Come Bioblitz the historical and threatened Amador Canal just a few miles outside of Jackson, California. This 130+ year old unlined canal runs 8 miles from Lake Tabeaud to Tanner Reservoir and an entire diverse middle Sierra Foothills ecosystem has developed around it which is in jeopardy as water authorities look to close the canal. This is also the watershed that feeds into EBMUD, so if you're from the East Bay and always wondered where your water comes from, this is your chance!

I was approached by Sean Kriletich, a high school friend (I grew up in the foothills) that runs a farm next to the canal and he is worried about how the closing the canal will effect the local ecosystem and wants to get a document of what is there now, before it changes. I was up there a few weeks ago and the water board is holding off on a decision for a year, which at least gives a good amount of time to document the different organisms over the year. Sean is by training is a geologist and also thinks AWA and EBMUD making big mistakes by not sinking some of the water into the geology and ecology as it feeds springs that ultimately feed into the EBMUD reservoirs, which provide extra long drip storage. So that you have an idea of what might be up there, here are observations around the canal:

It is bound to be a good time! Camping is available and a few beds are also possible, if you don't want to camp out. We'll run some moth lights Friday night as well. Stone fruit and figs are falling off the trees on the farm and Sean is quite a character/big player in the local community so anything you want to know about this section of the foothills you could get form him.

Sign up here if you are interested:

I'll facilitate car pooling from the bay area for anyone that wants it off the sign up list.

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I signed up and listed 2 people, but Constance is my +1. Not sure if she already signed up.

Publicado por kueda hace casi 8 años

Yup, me too. Sounds cool and a part of the state I don't think I've ever been too.
Put me on that carpool list, Mr. Tighe. Thanks.

Publicado por robberfly hace casi 8 años

Fantastic fellas. I'll send out an email out to the bay area folks that want to carpool in a few days

Constance did sign up and I assume the +1 was for you, or the Jepson manual.

Publicado por damontighe hace casi 8 años

Business plan: the Jepson Diet. You only eat plants described in Jepson, you regularly exercise by lifting Jepson, and your goal is to weigh as much as Jepson.

Publicado por kueda hace casi 8 años

I think you've got a money maker there. "Feed your brain and your body with the Jepson diet!"

Publicado por damontighe hace casi 8 años

That sounds interesting and I'm busy Friday but I think I can make it Saturday! Is there camping Saturday night as well?

Publicado por sea-kangaroo hace casi 8 años

Arrrgh wish I could make it. I hope somebody angles the canal in my stead.
I'm sure there are ichthyo-delights to be had.

Publicado por leptonia hace casi 8 años

@sea-kangaroo - I'll ask and get back to you shortly
@Leptonia - I'll work on fish wrangling for you.

Publicado por damontighe hace casi 8 años

@/>sea-kangaroo Just heard from the Farm owner and yes camping is available saturday.

Publicado por damontighe hace casi 8 años

Carpool notifications have gone out, so has the 1 week reminder email and updated Schedule with plan of action for covering the territory:

Publicado por damontighe hace casi 8 años

I wish I had seen this journal before the date. I can always use more birds for my Amador county list.

Publicado por vermfly hace más de 7 años

@vermfly - I'm in conversation now to get dates for another 1-2 BioBlitzs on the property, so I'll repost to here once we have the dates in place.

Publicado por damontighe hace más de 7 años

@damontighe Great. Hopefully I'll be able to make one or more of those dates. Thanks for the heads up.

Publicado por vermfly hace más de 7 años

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