Persian oak (Quercus macranthera) in Нижний Катрух/Ашағы Гатрух/Лу Чатлух/ﺍﺸﺍﻘﺎ ﻛﺘﺮﻴﻎ

If you ever will find out yourself going between different small villages of the Southern Dagestan there's one that you should visit for some totally unrelated reasons!
First of all, why not do it if you can? Life is short, so go around and see the life around you.
Then become a little more egoistical and visit an approximately 500-year old Persion oak growing between houses on one of small streets of Nizhny Katrukh (in Russian), hidden among the old and new walls of interesting local houses, it's a nice addition to an already cool place. From 2012 this tree is listed among other old ones in a whole-contry project "Trees — monuments of nature".
Nizhny Katrukh is situated on 2035m above the sea level between peaks of Samur Range. Its origins are quite foggy, but it had appeared in XIX century and was likely built by people escaping Ikhrek when it was sieged by Surxay xan Qazıqumuxlu, nowadays most settlers are Azerbaijanis speaking their own unique dialect while nearby villages are made of Laks and Rutuls.
Other than this one tree there're lots of weeds growing on the streets plus of course village is sitting amongst the wild mountain nature, its said by locals that wolves and bears are found in the mountain forests, thought the latter animals are rare to see.
Good luck exploring this or any other sacred place you will find on your way!

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