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26 de abril de 2017

E. Pacific Nudibranch News: Nudibranch name updates: Abronica abronia and Tenellia albocrusta

Just updated on iNat:
1 - Cuthona abronia now Abronica abronia
2 - Cuthona albocrusta now Tenellia albocrusta

Both should update automatically on everyone's observations with no further action required.

Both changed as per this article: Cella, Kristen, Leila Carmona, Irina Ekimova, Anton Chichvarkhin, Dimitry Schepetov, & Terrence M. Gosliner. 2016. A radical solution: the phylogeny of the nudibranch family Fionidae. PLoS ONE 11(12):e0167800

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