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11 de marzo de 2021

March 10 (Wednesday) - South Side

March 10, 2021 (Wednesday), 8:30-10:10 am

60 dead newts (most larger than average size, many still with aquatic tails, very recently killed)
1 juvenile newt
Other roadkill: 1 Western Toad, 1 Sierran Tree Frog
Weather: Light rain during survey, steady rain the previous evening.
Traffic: 23 vehicles

Interesting human stuff:
1) A battalion of guys with multiple utility trucks laying fiber optic cable
2) Two HTH biologists checking their pit traps. Funny moment when the re-passed me on the road, suddenly stopping their truck and leaping out to help a LEAF cross the road. They were very embarassed that their mis-ID happened in front of me, but I assured them we'd all done it and their heart was in the right place. :-)

Interesting non-human stuff:
Golden Eagle soaring over the southern ridge

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18 de marzo de 2021

24 de marzo de 2021

Tuesday, 3/23 - South half

Very windy day! Temps in upper 50s during survey, no rain. Saw the HTH truck.

55 dead newts, of which two were juveniles and most were dried ones.
13 vehicles
4 bicycles
1 Great Horned Owl feather (second time for the grove of eucalyptus, must be in there somewhere)

No luck teaching my goofy dog to be a newt-tracker.

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30 de marzo de 2021

Tuesday 3/30 - South Side

Survey cut abruptly short after only 25% of road today and reason reported to Merav. Four vehicles. Only one dried newt, but three other herps: Ring-necked Snake, Western Fence Lizard and Western Skink. Heard a Northern Owl tooting in the eucalyptus grove across from the cat house, until a mob of 6-8 outraged Stellars Jays arrived. Also a pair of Belted Kingfishers in the creek south of the reservoir.

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