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18 de julio de 2022

E. Pacific Nudibranch News: Now available: New edition of Behrens, et al Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs of the Eastern Pacific

It's been 17 years since the last edition, and the new "Nudibranch Bible" for the West Coast of the US, Canada and Mexico is terrific!

Softcover is available now at or Amazon.

Description: This complete and colorful guide covers all of the 370+ species of shallow-water sea slugs known to occur from Alaska to Central America. In addition to size, range, and habitat descriptions, it also provides information on color variations, eggs, and convenient tips on how to distinguish them from similar species. Richly illustrated with color photos contributed by over 50 of the best "nudie" photographers on the west coast, it is an essential refererence for divers, beachcombers, underwater photographers, and anyone else with an interest in this fascinating group.


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