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03 de abril de 2017

TAW Devine Lake April 2017

We had a total of 12 people for a fantastic evening at the lake!! It was a record night for most people attending and the diversity of what was seen. While waiting in the parking lot for everyone to arrive, we were surprised to hear Cope's Gray Tree Frogs calling slowly and haltingly from the canopy of the oak trees. The frogs were calling at C=2. Several folks got recordings. At sunset (7:45 p.m.) everyone headed down to the lake. The Blanchard Cricket Frogs were calling at a C=3 and during the entire monitoring period at least 5 were seen. Photographs and recordings were taken be several people. The Rio Grande Leopard frogs were calling at C=2 and a nice sized specimen was netted and photographed. Kathy M. caught a Red-Striped Ribbon Snake which was photographed and Meghan M. found a young (unfortunately deceased) turtle by the lake. There was a very impressive American Bullfrog calling from the lake, but no one was able to get a recording. Kathy M. and Christy G. heard the faint calls of Green Tree Frogs from the northwest side of the lake but they were too far and faint to get a recording.

After the official monitoring period was over, everyone walked back up to the parking area to search the bathroom area for scorpions to view under the black light. Violet found one and got to see how they effervesce under the light. Before leaving the park, we stopped at the creek near the entrance and heard the Cope's Gray Tree Frogs calling from the field. We had to take a look and so we waded in the standing water and searched them out in the low scrub. Kathy M. used her amazing amphibian capturing skills and snagged one from the branch of a tree. Everyone got great looks and pictures. There were 3 American Bullfrogs in the creek and Hunter caught one and so did Kathy M. Pictures were taken. As we were packing up to leave, a young girl and her father approached us with a turtle they had rescued from their dog. They were bringing it to the lake to release. It was an Ornate Box Turtle (a male) and was injured slightly from the tussle with the dog. I took the turtle home and located a rehabber to provide some TLC before it is released back into the wild.

What a night! 5 species of frogs, 1 turtle, 1 snake and a scorpion and walk up Box turtle.

Attendees: Kathy M., Hunter, Tonya, Amy and Mike F., Christie G., Ginger, her daughter Violet, and her parents Louis and Nora, myself and daughter Meghan D.

Water temp (C): 27
Air temperature at site: 22
How many people were observing with you?: 12
Wind Speed - Beaufort: 3
Sky: Mostly cloudy
Water Level: normal

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