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12 de enero de 2015

Paremoremo Rerserve January 10th

I wanted some Kotukutuku seed for the nursery; so I used the species search function to see if any had been observed locally. I found this observation by Aunty:

We had not been to this reserve and the council walk map talked of a swimming hole; so we put our togs on and went for a walk. We walked along the stream and up the hill looking for the swimming hole; passing a few spots that where deeper enough to swim in but not appealing. After an hour we decided we must have left the half hour swim hole track and strayed onto the three hour loop track; so we turned around and went home.

The track has not seen any maintenance since the last big storm and in a couple of places you are forced to scramble over or around fallen trees. The stream side is Tawa forest with plenty of Kahikatea, Kowhai, Mahoe, Kanono, Nikau, Putaputaweta, and Supplejack. As we climbed we went through clearings of bracken and stands of podocarps. The dominate species in the podocarps was Tanekaha and Kahitatea; with Totara, Miro, and Kauri (not a podocarp) in supporting roles.

As for the Kotukutuku seed. I suspected Aunty's placement of the location was a proxy for somewhere on the path as a lot of her observations where grouped in this spot. So I kept my eyes peeled for the whole walk. We walked an hour in and an hour out. We we got back the kids waited in the car while I had one last look around the car park; and sure enough that is where I found it; just meters from Aunty's placement and where I parked!

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17 de enero de 2015

Ark In the Park - Cascade Kauri Park

Today we did our regular trip out to the Waitakere ranges to check the bait stations we are responsible for in the Ark. While we there I thought I would also grab a few more Kotukutuku seed. Not really ecosorsed but at least the tray I sowed today is not all from the same tree.

While walking back I saw a Shag in the Stream and pulled out my camera when I realised what it was trying to eat.

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