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04 de diciembre de 2015

Waicare Testing

Testing water quality in Alexandra Stream in Unsworth Reserve. Most measurements within normal range. Water was a very warm 23 degrees though at the storm water pond; which also had a higher than normal Phoshorous level.

Full list of observed Macroinvertebrates was:
Stream: Woody-cased Caddisflies, Damselflies, Dolomedes Spiders, Water Boatmen, Pond Skater, Seed Shrimp, Water Fleas, Sandfly Larvae, Midges, Flatworms, Rounded Snails.
Pond: Mites, Water Boatmen, Seed Shrimp, Midges, Other Maggot-like groups, Flatworms, Rounded Snails, Leeches, Oligochhaete Worms.

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